We partnered with the New York Times to demonstrate how when it comes to saving for retirement, soon is smarter.


Vanguard wants everyone to start saving for retirement, right now, or suffer the procrastination penalty — losing out on compounded savings because you’ve waited to long to invest in an IRA.

We partnered with the New York Times to create interactive branded content and data visualization that shows the procrastination penalty in action. The premise: opening an IRA right now means more saved for retirement. By delaying your investment, you’re penalized by losing out on potential earnings. The personalized illustrations show where you stack up against your peers when it comes to retirement savings.

First, we educated the user on what an IRA is, the benefits to investing in one, and how compounding increases the fund’s value, offering statistics on retirement based on the user’s age group. Then, we gave the user customized information on their readiness for retirement through an animated interactive tool that visualizes the user’s projected retirement savings and the variables that affect it. The tool also visualized the “Vanguard difference,” which is the difference between what you pay in fees with other IRA products and Vanguard’s low-cost funds. 

The branded content and data visualization had a simple take away: Invest with Vanguard now to maximize your savings.  Do it early in the year, and do it early in life.